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the queens [sunday money]

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the queens [sunday money]

by morgan

Sunday Money puts a fresh spin on all things after-hours. Inspired largely by the work of White's close friends, namely Rompecorazones label manager Morgan Hyslop who has been entrusted with the inaugural release, the imprint is designed to provide a new platform for artists to explore a deeper, hypnotic space without a care for clubland. From its esoteric ideas and A&R to unique and fantastical artwork, each Sunday Money Music release is quite simply a carefully crafted collectible.

Already featured on No.19 Music's latest V.A alongside Guti, Morgan is set to release her very first solo EP on Sunday Money named "The Queens". This first release boasts 4 cuts of pure stripped back deepness including two versions of the aforementioned lead song. And what better way to release this first EP than on April 18th during Record Store Day to celebrate the vinyl imprints launch! As of late, Hyslop - the Australian ex-pat based out of Bucharest has been honing her skills in the studio, behind the decks and behind the scenes managing Guti's revered Jazz/electronica music label as somewhat of a renaissance woman of today's underground electronic music scene. From performances at Beach House in Ibiza to Nordstern, Basel and Kristal Glam Club in Bucharest, Morgan has quickly made a name for herself as a purveyor of the purest of the pure minimal house. 2016 is set to be a monumental year for the young artist as she steps out of the shadows and graciously shares her knowledge and dedication to her craft with the world.